Swedish Semlor w/ whipped espresso creme



You don’t have to live in Sweden to enjoy this mouthwatering creamy marzipan filled pastry that is sure to blow your taste buds away. The Swedish Semla (singular) is a known as the fattiest pastry in Sweden that is enjoyed on Fat Tuesday (Carnival celebration) Traditionally made with a blend of wheat flour, we opted for a softer, buttery, fluffy crumb that just melts in your mouth with the first bite. We used a brioche dough that is spiked with the sweet aroma of cardamom as the base for this delicious pastry. Piped with a creamy marzipan filling (Almond Cream) and topped with whipped cream and powdered sugar. And of course, as always we’ve added a bravartisan twist to take this pastry to the next level: Espresso whipped cream topped with toasted and crushed pecans. These decadent pastries are a perfect addition to your Sunday brunch or morning coffee. These are a showstopper, you must try them! 12 ct.

Labor and packaging fee will be added separately.


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