Gardenscape Foccacia


We offer our mouthwatering naturally leavened Foccacia in its traditional form, Foccacia al Rosmarino, simple, but oh so deliciously rustic. Crisp edges and a tender, chewy crumb heavily infused with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and topped with fresh rosemary sprigs and course sea salt. Cracked pepper, minced garlic and aged Parmesan is the base of our garden scape foccacia followed by a colorful, fun and hearty blend of fresh herbs, vegetables, mushrooms, and juicy cherry tomato’s lending the final foccacia an irresistibly intoxicating aroma that will transport you to its origins–Italy.

Foccacia Al Rosmarino: $35

Gardenscape Foccacia: $45

*We offer custom foccacias, with your choice of toppings.

Labor and packaging fee will be added separately.


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